Engineering and Control 

A quality die casting begins far before the die is ever built.  Our team will work with your organization to help design a casting that meets your requirements and expectations while optimizing manufacturability to keep costs and defects to a minimum.  This means fewer disruptions to your organization and longer life on your tooling investment.

Tool Design Engineering and Process Control are the heart of our organization. Our engineering teams work together combining years of experience using cutting edge modeling and simulation software to design the optimal die design and casting process.

Our casting machines use the latest technology, incorporating high-speed, low- impact injection and real time shot monitoring for the greatest possible process control.  We use tools such as closed loop temperature controllers and Fondarex vacuum to further control and optimize our processes.

We have experience with a wide range of aluminum and zinc casting alloys and are well known for casting challenging metals such as B390.

Our experienced Process Engineering Department is constantly monitoring your process using our Shotscope Process Monitor and Flir Infrared imaging to keep the process controlled and consistently producing the best castings.

Having problems with an existing casting supplier? We have unique experience in solving complex problems through product and process engineering. We have successfully taken many inherited casting dies and greatly improved the quality of the part produced with minor modifications to the tool.   Our skilled people are trained to treat each project with care and commitment, whatever the size or volume. 

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