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ISO 9001:2000 Registered


We are facing tomorrow’s challenges today. General Die Casters, Inc. is able to translate your concepts into functional, cost effective die casting solutions through the utilization of analytical tools such as Flow Analysis, Thermal Analysis and other innovative casting technologies.

We plan our quality from the start. Our up-front design review can improve your component and determine the best way to produce it. Then our CAD/CAM systems transform your computer generated, surface drawings into completed dies and castings. Quickly, and at a competitive cost.

General has unique experience in solving complex problems through product and process engineering. Our skilled people are trained to treat each project with care and commitment, whatever the size or quantity.

With capacities for aluminum up to 20 Ibs. and zinc up to 8 Ibs., our casting machines are of the latest technology, incorporating high-speed, low- impact for the best possible castings. And shot monitoring for the greatest possible process control, plus the ultimate in value-added secondary operations, from vertical and horizontal CNC, vibratory deburring, and special coating, to assembly, packaging, bar coding, and shipping.

Flexible manufacturing allows us to minimize part handling. Work cell technology and CNC operations further enhance quality and efficiency. What's more, we constantly pursue new technologies through the purchase of customized equipment with the latest productivity enhancements.

Meeting your requirements and delivery schedule, today and in the future. That's the kind of performance you can expect from General.